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Latest Blog

Tackling the education crisis together: Partner Perspective from Kenya

by Hope Carpenter, Marketing and Communications Associate

Stanley Munyao, CEO of Musoni Microfinance Limited in Kenya With 263 million children out of school globally, an estimated 800 schools per day would need to be built for the next five years to meet the minimum demand for seats.1 In many lower and middle-income countries (LMICs), the supply gaps in capacity-constrained public education systems are being filled by local low-fee – ‘affordable’ – private schools that are building new classrooms and adding more seats at a significant rate. These…

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The Power of Portfolio Analysis: Partner Perspective from Musoni Bank

by Opportunity International

Portfolio Analysis is a key function the Opportunity EduFinance Technical Assistance Facility (ETAF) performs to provide in-depth assessments of our financial partners’ education loan portfolios. Effective and timely analyses (known as “Edpacks”) empower our partners to build and grow productive, high-quality and sustainable education finance portfolios through improved management and risk mitigation. Our ultimate aim, through providing better financial products and services for schools and…

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Andrew McCusker: From Goldman Sachs to EduFinance

by Hope Carpenter, Marketing and Communications Associate

Andrew with School Leaders in the EduQuality Program School, Cricket and Corporate Finance I was a lucky kid. I grew up in Geelong, a thriving port city just outside Melbourne, Australia, with a loving family and plenty of opportunities around me. I also went to a great school despite not really appreciating this at the time. My friends and I were more interested in playing sports outside than sitting inside the classroom. Of course, we were lucky we didn’t have the option to simply sit school…

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EdTech: Improving Efficiency and Maintaining Quality at Scale

by Hope Carpenter, Marketing and Communications Associate

The EduQuality team at Opportunity International EduFinance has partnered with Chalkboard Education to launch a digital Learning Management System to deliver offline educational content, following a pilot with schools in Kumasi, Ghana. The outcomes will enable the program to scale to meet the needs of the affordable private school sector. Celcilia Adu-Gyamfi, Proprietress, and Jeminmmia Oforwaa Addo, Business Manager during \"EduQuality Digital\" Pilot in Kumasi, Ghana Opportunity International EduFinance…

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The Importance of Strategic Tech Upgrades for EduFinance Program Impact

by Hope Carpenter, Marketing and Communications Associate

EduFinance Data and Business Intelligence team provide key insights into the development of our data technology tools to where we are today. Quality data collection and analysis is essential for any robust monitoring and evaluation framework. It crucially indicates whether a program intervention is being implemented as intended well as whether implementation is having the intended outcomes. EduFinance puts data collection at the center of our program design to ensure we are collecting the right information…

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Antonella Shares Insights into the Education Lending Market in Rwanda

by Hope Carpenter, Marketing and Communications Associate

Opportunity International EduFinance recently conducted market research into the affordable private school sector in Rwanda. The objective of this new research was to take a fresh, deep-dive look into an affordable schools market EduFinance has been engaged in for over 10 years. As we plan to expand our support for Rwandan schools to grow and develop, up-to-date market knowledge is essential to increasing school’s access to financing through new partnerships with socially-focused financial institutions…

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A combined and collective effort is the way forward in serving the communities around the world

by Martins Strals, Marketing and Communications Associate

The 2019 Global Education Finance Conference, held in June 2019, was a long time in the making, but well worth the wait. We felt it was important to create a space to share the collective knowledge and experiences in education lending of both our EduFinance team and our growing number of financial institution partners. Hearing directly from our partners and having insightful discussions based on their experiences also provided critical insight to guide our EduFinance program strategy to increasingly…

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“I want to bring change in my school”

by Renée McAlpin, EduQuality Manager

Renée McAlpin, EduQuality Manager at Opportunity EduFinance, discusses the importance of listening to what children want from their education Pawan Kumar, Renée McAlpin, Amrita Vohra, and the Headteacher at New Adarsh Public School During my recent visit to India to meet with Opportunity EduFinance partners, I had the chance to hear directly from children about their aspirations and educational experiences. Over my career as a practitioner, working to improve access to quality education for children,…

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Mother's day special - Interview with Andrea del Pilar A. Camacho

by Opportunity International Education Finance

Many of us will be taking time this Sunday to celebrate and remember the important women in our lives on Mother's Day. As Colombia is also honoring the role of mothers and women on this holiday, we wanted to take time to hear from one of our Opportunity Education Specialists in Colombia, Andrea del Pilar A. Camacho, who has excelled in her personal educational journey, which she attributes in large part to the women that have tirelessly invested in her over the years. Andrea presents the EduQuality…

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Expanding Access to Education in Nigeria

by Hannah Hilali, Project Manager (ETAF)

I sat in Mrs Nna’s office, the principal of Christian International School in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State in Nigeria. The office was small and painted bright blue. Children’s toys and books were scattered over the desk in front of me and, to the left of the principal, paintings drawn by students were propped up against the wall. The room was hot and humid, typical of the tropical climate in Owerri. Outside I could hear murmurs coming from teachers and children in classrooms with doors…

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