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© 2021 Opportunity International Education Finance functions under its US and UK affiliates. Opportunity International United Kingdom is registered as a charity in England and Wales (1107713) and in Scotland (SCO39692). Opportunity International United Statesis a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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EduFinance is committed to sharing our ongoing program research and learnings in order to contribute and drive dialogue on solutions for getting more children into better quality schools globally. Read more on past and current EduFinance studies here.

Impacts of COVID-19 on the Affordable Non-State School Sector

Opportunity EduFinance

As school began closing due to COVID-19, Opportunity EduFinance began a series of market research reassessments with the aim of better understanding how schools, teachers and parents were being affected and what responses financial institutions could take

School Improvement Loans linked to increased learning outcomes in Uganda

University of Chicago's Center for RISC

Opportunity EduFinance partnered with University of Chicago’s Center for RISC to measure the effectiveness of School Improvement Loans in Uganda related to increasing learning outcomes for pupils.

Understanding School Fee Loans

Kantar Market Research & Opportunity EduFinance

Research study conducted by Kantar Market Research & Opportunity EduFinance in Nairobi, Kenya finds school fee loans decrease absenteeism rates

Education & Labour Market Outcomes: Insights for EduFinance

Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto

Through a detailed analysis of education systems, labour markets, and returns to education at each level, this report identifies opportunities for EduFinance to leverage investments in education to maximize labour market outcomes in terms of employability and earnings potential.

Fostering Learning: Driving Improvements in Learning Outcomes

Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, University of Toronto

This report undertakes an analysis to determine how EduFinance can efficiently measure and direct educational investments and initiatives in low-resource environments to achieve meaningful learning outcomes.

The Benefits of School Improvement Loans

FRIENDS Consult Ltd, Three Stones International, Opportunity International & Opportunity EduFinance

EduQuality Awards Winners 2018

Opportunity International EduFinance

The $24 Billion Opportunity

Opportunity EduFinance