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Publications Non-State Actors in Education: Interactive Evidence Gap Map

Identifying and Addressing Gaps in Financing, Delivery, and Services

The Non-State Actors in Education: Evidence Gap Map (EGM) - developed by the Education Finance Network - illustrates existing research on the role and impact of non-state actors in education in low- and middle-income countries. 

The interactive tool provides a visual heatmap that allows users to search evidence by country, region, intervention type, outcomes, and level of rigor, ensuring that the EGM is easily tailored to specific research interests.  

The EGM presents research on 23 key intervention areas, mapped into three categories: financing mechanisms, core education delivery, and ancillary services. Additionally, the EGM links these interventions to 20 outcomes areas, including access and equity, education quality, and affordability.

The Evidence Gap Map Supplement: Methodology & Map Quadrant Analysis provides details on the EGM methodology, as well as an analysis and mapping of the research studies included in the EGM. The analysis informed the development of the interactive tool and can be downloaded below.

Watch a tutorial for the EGM here:  


The Education Finance Network was developed with a mission to convene diverse education stakeholders with a focus on leveraging non-state resources to create inclusive, high-quality education systems that assist the one in three children that are out of schools in low- and lower-middle income countries globally. Learn more about the network here.


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