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Latest Blog

Taleem Finance: Using a Gender-Centric Approach to Education Financing in Pakistan

by Maham Khuhro

Ms. Kousar Parveen is a widow and passionate ‘edupreneur’ – a common term for private school owners - in Multan, Pakistan. She defied societal norms by opening and running M.A Public Girls High School in a community where managing a business is considered a man's job. Established in 1998, her school provides quality education to economically challenged students, and the school’s income supports her own household. After five years into her career as a teacher, Ms. Kousar became aware of the…

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Innovative Financial Management Transforms School’s Sustainability in northern Ghana

by Jason Amoo

In 2019, Daari Hawawu started Daari-Deara School in the Wa West District of the Upper West region in Ghana, with a noble mission to empower local children because she noticed many children of school-going age were not in school.  However, financial struggles threatened the school’s existence until she partnered with the USAID-funded Advancing Partnerships for Improved Learning.   The school started with 7 children under a mango tree near Daari’s house, and she struggled with getting their parents…

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Collaborating for Greater Impact: Opportunity EduFinance & Pursue partner to support low-fee schools in Western Kenya

by Maham Khuhro

Opportunity EduFinance is dedicated to bolstering student learning outcomes and fostering sustainable development by offering financial solutions and capacity-building support to schools. In line with this mission, we have recently formed a partnership with Pursue, a faith-based organization committed to improving conditions in rural communities within Kakamega County, Western Kenya. With a population of 1.8 million, Kakamega County struggles with significant poverty, with one-third of its residents…

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3-Year study on Opportunity EduFinance model finds improved learning for children, especially girls and lower socioeconomic students

by Scott Sheridan

In 2020, Opportunity EduFinance designed a three-year quasi-experimental study in Kenya in partnership with ZiziAfrique and the Radical Innovation for Social Change (RISC) at the University of Chicago. The study focused on assessing the impact of the Opportunity EduFinance model on learning outcomes, disaggregating for children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and gender. After three years of child learning measurements, the study finds children gain as much as half a year equivalent of additional…

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Self-Improving School Systems: Implementing Phase II of the EduQuality Program

by Maham Khuhro

 TRANSITION SEMINAR -  MUSANZE, RWANDA Opportunity EduFinance offers a holistic three-year school development initiative, known as the 'EduQuality Program.’ By partnering with local affordable non-state schools, EduQuality aims to enhance the quality of education for children while fostering an enabling environment for learning. To sustain the impact achieved since 2021 in ‘Phase I’, EduQuality plans to implement one additional year of programming termed the ‘transition year,’ or Phase…

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International Women’s Day 2024: Empowering Girls Through Education

by Maham Khuhro

  On this International Women's Day, as we reflect on the theme \"Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,\" it is crucial to recognize and celebrate the transformative impact of women-run schools worldwide. These school leaders not only strive to provide quality education but also contribute to exemplifying women’s leadership and empowering girls. And we know empowered women and girls accelerate progress in communities around the globe. Opportunity EduFinance, through its holistic three-year school…

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Bridging the Education Gap in Zambia: the Vital Role of Non-state Schools

by Education Finance Network

 PHOTO CREDIT - GLOBAL EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP, DAN PETRESCU  In Zambia, the non-state school sector plays a critical role in addressing the growing demand for primary education. Currently, about 267,000 children are educated in 740 non-state primary schools, many of which offer affordable education to low-income families. This does not include the over 3,000 community schools that are educating learners in some of the lowest resourced and most rural communities. At the same time, the Zambian education…

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What does existing research tell us about how to design school leadership training programs to have the greatest impact on student learning outcomes?

by Natalie Davirro

School leaders play an integral role in creating a school environment and culture that is conducive to learning. Numerous studies globally have found clear links between a strong school leadership and improved student learning outcomes. In many contexts however, especially low-resource environments or isolated settings, many school leaders lack the training and support necessary to develop their capacity. When school leaders do receive support – such as in developing school improvement plans, goal-setting,…

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Midline Report Finds Vocational Training Loan Scheme Benefiting Lower-Income Households to Access Affordable Courses

by Zoya Japanwala

Having its largest ever youth population, India’s workforce largely depends on the education, skills, and potential of its youth. Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) courses – more commonly known as Skilling courses in India - are a means of short, comprehensive, and low-cost training that boost trainees’ employability with job-specific skills and close networks with industry sectors for job placements. Ensuring access to finance is one of the most effective ways of enabling…

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Recognizing Excellence – 2023 EduQuality Awards

by Maham Khuhro

The 2023 EdQ Awards Report spotlighted schools globally for their outstanding efforts in providing quality education. These institutions not only embraced innovation but also positively impacted their communities. The EduQuality Awards, organized by Opportunity EduFinance, celebrate and acknowledge the commitment to advancing education standards, with each school receiving a cash prize and a wall plaque for their school during the respective award ceremonies. “It means a lot that we are also able…

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