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By Catherine O’Shea

 group of Education Specialists


'This is Flora Joseph Mahundi from Morelight Pre and Primary School. She is the Tanzania Teacher Mentor of the Month for April 2023

Flora Joseph Mahundi is nominated to be a Teacher Mentor of the Month because:

  • She attended all our teacher mentors’ trainings and if she has missed one session from her cluster, she is ready to jump to another cluster to catch up.
  • She completed all the quizzes from each session and ensured that all quizzes were submitted successfully.
  • After the sessions, she managed to train her fellow staff at the school and shared her knowledge with school administrators.
  • Ms. Mahundi is a good communicator, for example, she provides good mobilization during cluster meetings since she is a secretary of her cluster.
  • She led very well with her administrators, especially during the replacement of other teacher mentors when teacher mentors’ attrition took place at her school.

Let’s join our hands to congratulate our deserved Teacher Mentor of the Month!'

Above is the written nomination from the EduQuality Team in Tanzania to put Ms. Mahundi forward as ‘Teacher Mentor of the Month’ for April. Each month, the EduQuality Teams in each country select a Teacher Mentor who has made a particular contribution to the program and demonstrated their commitment and skills as an educator and mentor. Ms. Mahundi not only took an active part in the sessions for her own learning but shared her learnings wider with her peer teachers and her cluster.

What is Teacher Mentor Professional Development?

Teachers in affordable non-state schools often have a wide range of educational backgrounds, and many have had limited access to professional teacher training or ongoing professional development.

To support and meet teachers where they are at in their training, EduQuality uses a training-of-trainers model to identify and equip teacher mentors to train their peers through professional development sessions, classroom observations and feedback, and ongoing coaching methods. The team uses a data-driven approach, combining in-person coaching and digital content to help teachers work toward a set of recognized professional standards, build their confidence, and develop their careers.

Within each cluster, school leaders are asked to identify teacher mentors at their school using specific criteria. With the support of their school leaders, these teacher mentors are invited to attend trainings by the cluster Education Specialist on foundational teacher training topics, including classroom management, teaching and learning, and literacy. Teacher mentors are also equipped with the skills to deliver these same professional development trainings to their peer teachers, using a clear trainer's guide provided through a digital learning management system. 


The selection of Teacher Mentor of the Month is based on a specific set of criteria. The Education Specialists from each country make nominations based on teacher mentors who have consistently been:

  • Attending every TMPD training and showing good engagement in the sessions 
  • Completing all the required quizzes on the digital Chalkboard App
  • Conducting trainings for teachers at their school when appropriate
  • Conducting coaching observations and submitting these using the coaching tool on Chalkboard
  • Exhibiting skills such as good communication, teamwork, problem-solving, organization, time management, critical thinking, decision-making
  • Taking a lead in organizing for other teacher mentors to attend sessions 

The teachers who are recognized with an award each month have been identified as contributing to the wider life of the schools and the clusters they are from. They inspire and encourage colleagues and actively work to improve their overall teaching skills and learners’ experience. The award is ultimately designed as a motivational tool for all mentors to promote continued active engagement and development.

Based on Education Specialists nominations we have collated a sample of recent submissions under several themes.



Mr. Francis Sebuuma is a Biology and Chemistry teacher at St Kizito S.S. Lubanja in the Mityana District, Uganda. He has inspired his fellow teacher mentors because he is always on course with the TMPD program. He always attempts the extended learning of the previous module and the pre-work of the current module. He has drastically changed his teaching style and has demystified science teaching, particularly among girls. He has embraced the concept of engaging all learners and ensures that in each of his lessons, learners exhibit a high level of interest, attention, curiosity, and participation. 


Mr. Moses Boakye, of Mamponteng Romans Catholic Primary B in Ghana has been consistent with his attendance at TMPD sessions. His level of engagement during TMPD sessions is impressive and he goes out of his way to support colleagues who need help with their Chalkboard App. His trainer shared that there is never a dull moment with Moses when he is in class.





Ms. Jedida Bilima from Gracious Day Educational Center in Conquerors Cluster in Kenya has worked hard to engage her learners with the classroom strategies she has learned, such as ‘Turn and Talk’, ‘Cold Call’, and ‘Signal, Pause, Insist’. Her excellent behavior management skills have also been a great asset to her, helping her students to respond as expected.

She has been a great mentor to her fellow teachers, providing coaching and guidance during lesson observation. In doing so, she feels she has become a better teacher since joining the teacher mentor program. 



Justin Hategekimana from Apaderwa school, Nyarugenge cluster has demonstrated willingness to serve as a role model for his colleagues at school. He has been leading trainings at school level and is appreciated by the school leader and his colleagues for his incredible support. He has good communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking and always works to promote the teacher mentor program in his school.



Mr. Boakye has been consistent in cascading training to his peer teachers and has taught the topics: Engaging All Learners, Positive Behavior Management, and Phonics Best Practice. He has also taught lesson planning as recommended by the new curriculum.

He has conducted 5 classroom observations and 5 coaching conversations to ensure that his colleagues are implementing the strategies he has learned the right way. He is ensuring that the academic standard in his school is improving for the benefit of all learners in his school.



Mr. Paul Changano Shaka teaches at Destiny Academy in Zambia and has attended all the TMPD sessions during which he participates and contributes positively. Mr. Shaka, along with his headteacher, has introduced a school reading program to ensure that learners that are struggling to read are helped. He has proven to be a good communicator, team player, and a good leader.



Mr. Sebuuma teaches learners from low-income families and to bridge the income gap he has resorted to using locally available resources for his student project work. He has also asked his learners to use cardboard boxes and old cables, pieces of mirrors and wires to design a periscope and to build many other technical projects. He does not leave any learners out and he has cultivated team spirit among them that includes learners of all backgrounds. 

He has embraced the use of ICT by using his Teacher Mentor tablet device to do research and to enhance learning in this digitally challenged school environment. He is an inspiration to other science teachers, and is actively breaking many barriers.



Olorunfemi Abimbola Modupeola, from Bimfem Nursery and Primary School, always arrives at trainings before the start time. She actively participates in every TMPD class and is always willing to be the first to lead a practice as she believes that if she doesn't practice - she will not learn anything new. She has been training other teachers by sharing all the skills she has learned, resulting in the School Leader consistently sending a positive message to the team, expressing her gratitude.


For the past 18 months the EduQuality Team has been awarding mentors of the TMPD program with these motivational recognitions. There are too many past award winners to recognize them all here, but we hope you have enjoyed this snapshot into some recent awardees. 


Read more about the TMPD program in this blog interview.


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