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“I want to bring change in my school”

Renée McAlpin, EduQuality Manager for Africa and Asia, discusses the importance of listening to what children want from education

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Mother's day special - Interview with Andrea del Pilar…

by Opportunity International Education Finance

Many of us will be taking time this Sunday to celebrate and remember the important women in our lives on Mother's Day. As Colombia is also honoring the role of mothers and women on this holiday, we wanted…

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Expanding Access to Education in Nigeria

by Hannah Hilali, Project Manager (ETAF)

I sat in Mrs Nna’s office, the principal, at Christian International School in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State in Nigeria. The office was small and painted bright blue. Children’s toys and books…

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‘I am who I am because of education'

by Opportunity EduFinance

Alex discussing EduFinance during a scholarship ceremony at OBUL   Taking time to hear first-hand from our financial institution partner staff reminds us that successful education financing requires developing…

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School Improvement Loans Linked to Positive Outcomes…

by Opportunity EduFinance

Opportunity International’s Education Finance program (EduFinance) continuously incorporates learnings from key stakeholders at all levels to ensure our products and services are well aligned with the…

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Our newsletter delivers updates on EduFinance’s technical support to financial partners, engagement with schools working to improve their quality, the latest program stats and other news. Read our most…

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#IWD: Celebrating Women Leaders in Education

by Opportunity EduFinance

There is still much work to be done to ensure women and girls have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential in low- and middle-income countries. From access to quality education to equal representation…

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The $24 Billion Opportunity

by Opportunity EduFinance

Education is universally regarded as a key ingredient for happy and healthy lives. Yet, there is a critical global education crisis whereby 1 in 5 school age children are not in school and 617m children…

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Opportunity International Education Quality Awards…

by EduFinance

This December, Opportunity International (OI) celebrates dedication to excellence in education, through the announcement of the Education Quality Awards (EdQ Awards) results. The awards recognise partner…

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Opportunity EduFinance’s pathway to school improvement

by Faye Ruck-Nightingale

  This week Opportunity EduFinance has been running an Introductory Seminar in Kampala, Uganda bringing 48 new schools into its Education Quality programme. A further 42 will be inducted in Dar es Salaam,…

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