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Opportunity EduFinance
Level 18, 100 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 1GT

Telephone: +44 (0) 7768599834

© 2021 Opportunity International Education Finance functions under its US and UK affiliates. Opportunity International United Kingdom is registered as a charity in England and Wales (1107713) and in Scotland (SCO39692). Opportunity International United Statesis a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


PARTNERING FOR SCALE: Opportunity EduFinance & Chalkboard…

by Chalkboard Education & Opportunity EduFinance

Opportunity EduFinance and Chalkboard Education are now launching a multi-year partnership to take a blended learning model (in-person + digital) to scale in our EduQuality programme, starting in seven…

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FIF UK reviews Opportunity EduFinance's Affordable…

See the latest blog from Financial Inclusion Forum UK, which features findings from Opportunity EduFinance's Affordable Non-State Sector School Research

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News release: APPSF partners with Opportunity EduFinance

by Opportunity International

APPSF partners with Opportunity EduFinance to increase access to education through school financing

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Reflecting on the International Day of Education

by Catherine O'Shea

Sometimes the answers to simple, fundamental questions are in fact the most compelling. As part of International Day of Education 2021 we asked three of our Opportunity EduFinance staff to reflect on the…

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What we know (and don’t know) about School Reopening…

by Catherine O'Shea

“When will schools reopen in-person classes?” “Will parents send children back to school?” “How will learners catch up after so much lost time?” “Will all students have a school to return…

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MMBL partners with Opportunity EduFinance to increase…

PROPAKISTAN - Mobilink Microfinance Bank (MMBL), the largest digital bank in Pakistan, has partnered with Opportunity International EduFinance to increase access to education through school financing that…

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December Newsletter

by Opportunity International

Every quarter Opportunity EduFinance produces a newsletter with updates on program activities, the work and experiences of our partners, and a review of research and learnings. View December's newsletter…

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INDIA: What rural parents & schools are saying about…

by Sakshi Sodhi, Hannah Hilali and Catherine O’Shea

In October 2020 the EduFinance Technical Assistance team carried out a detailed series of surveys of parents and schools across India.

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4 Major Findings: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Schools,…

by Opportunity EduFinance

As schools began closing in early March 2020, EduFinance began a series of market research reassessments with the aim of better understanding how affordable non-state schools, teachers and parents were…

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More girls drop out and schools close due to Covid-19…

by Ommara Raza Ali

As part of Opportunity EduFinance’s efforts to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on affordable non-state education systems, a study was completed in October 2020 examining the situation…

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