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Can Refugee Communities benefit from Education Financing?

by Catherine O'Shea

    Uganda hosts 1.4 million refugees, which is one of the largest refugee populations in the world. While there may be cultural differences between refugee communities and the communities that host them, the demand for children and youth to have access to a good education is universal. These massive refugee communities present an opportunity to offer financial services – including education financing - to refugee households. And yet, according to a survey undertaken in Bidi Bidi settlement of…

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What’s next for low-cost private schools in India?

by Surabhi Vaidya & Hannah Hilali

    Here’s what we know… Low-cost private schools in India need more access to capital to invest in their schools, and professional development training to continue improving quality of education being delivered. Why low-cost private schools in India? 92 million children. That’s how many children are being educated in these schools today. By 2031, an estimated 162 million children will attend low-cost private schools in India.[1] The National Independent School Alliance (NISA) estimates…

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New EduQuality Blended Learning Model Launch

by Catherine O'Shea

After many hours of thorough consultation, development and planning, the EduQuality program of Opportunity EduFinance has successfully launched a new blended learning model providing professional development for school leaders and teachers. This exciting initiative builds on the foundation of our Education Quality program, combining digital resources with in-person training for over 1,500 affordable non-state schools across seven countries in Africa1 and Latin America2. Participating school leaders…

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Learning from Shared Experience - EduFinance Virtual Workshop

by Hannah Hilali

Before the pandemic began, the education sector in low- and middle-income countries was perceived as a rewarding market by many local financial institutions, a factor that helped Opportunity EduFinance grow its financial institution partners from 11 to 71 in under 5 years. However, the pandemic has adversely impacted the sector with school closures, lockdowns, and reductions in household income, affecting some schools’ ability to maintain a sustainable business. Nevertheless, despite the challenges…

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7 Educators – Looking back at inspiring stories from our history

by Opportunity International

Education is an integral part of reducing global poverty and inequality. Currently over 14,000 schools and 120,000 families around the world are benefitting from the Opportunity EduFinance program and access to capital through financial institution partners. As a result of this work, an estimated 7.8 million more children have benefitted from increased access to quality education to date. This year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only emphasized education's critical place in our world and reminded…

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The ‘Power’ behind our Data Collection: Meet some of our expert M&E Team

by Catherine O'Shea

A vital part of Opportunity EduFinance’s work is carried out by our expert team of Monitoring and Evaluation Associates and Specialists (M&E). Each local M&E team visits schools in our EduQuality program to interview parents, students, teachers and school leaders. Their skill in collecting complex data allows EduFinance to gain detailed insights into how our programme is working, any needed changes, and what challenges and opportunities there are to make a greater impact on education access and…

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Empowering Girls through Education in Pakistan

by Ommara Raza Ali and Hannah Hilali

Opportunity EduFinance’s partners in Pakistan have a wide range of expertise and varied approaches to their work. And yet, a recent interview with several Pakistan financial institutions and stakeholders in the education sector found all were motivated by very similar understandings of the limitations in enhancing access to education across Pakistan – especially for girls. To better appreciate these motivations and develop a deeper understanding of possible solutions to address barriers to girls…

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International Women’s Day 2021 – Getting Girls back to Classrooms in Ghana and Kenya

by Catherine O'Shea

At its peak in May 2020, COVID-19 related school closures left 85% of students globally out of the classroom. Experience from previous prolonged school closures – such as the 2014 Ebola pandemic in West Africa - indicates that once children are out of the classroom, there is greater risk they will never return. This is especially true for adolescent girls, who face higher pressures that can lead to permanent drop-out, including early marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual assault, pressures to support…

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Resilience & Recovery in India: Reflecting on the impact of Covid-19 for non-state schools & the Indian microfinance sector

by Hannah Hilali & Sakshi Sodhi

 The fallout from the pandemic has impacted every one of us. And yet, as numerous studies have shown, the impact has been much higher in rural households due to panic migration and skyrocketing unemployment. Similarly, many affordable non-state schools ultimately risk permanent closure, with 4 out of 5 schools having collected less than 20% of school fees since schools had closed. To assess how rural households - the typical clients of microfinance institutions – and schools were affected during…

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PARTNERING FOR SCALE: Opportunity EduFinance & Chalkboard Education launch a ‘Blended Learning Model’ that supports school resiliency

by Chalkboard Education & Opportunity EduFinance

The first two installations of our Learning Journey blog series on education innovations were published in January and March 2020. Almost immediately after this, schools across all the markets Opportunity EduFinance works in – including Uganda where we launched our pilot - were forced into temporary school closures, along with 85% of schools globally due to the pandemic. This global disruption in education has massive implications that we are all too familiar with, most alarming is learning loss…

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