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Penelope Mwila KandutuMonitoring and Evaluation Associate (Zambia)

Penelope Mwila Kandutu is a Monitoring and Evaluation Associate based in Zambia 

Prior to joining the Education Finance team, Penelope managed the Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation team for VVOB Zambia focusing on a USAID funded project Teaching at the Right Level.  Her work included capacity building for District Coordinators and Ministry of General Education staff working on the Project in data collection, validation, analysis, use and management. She also led the development and evaluation of data collection tools and assessment tools to make them user friendly and capture required KPIs. She led assessments in 1800 schools in 2 provinces and 27 districts with a total of 250,000 pupils working side by side with 6000 plus teachers, 6 VVOB District Coordinators and Ministry of General Education District administrators.  


Penelope has worked with World Vision Zambia on Korean and Taiwan funded projects (ZREAD) focusing on assessments, training teachers in literacy methodology for Grades 1 to 3 and material development for reading.  She was a focal point person in building and strengthening Ministry of General Education data systems for TaRl while working at Abdul Jameel Latif Poverty Action Lab on literacy and numeracy programming (Teaching at the Right Level). Her work included building capacity of implementing NGO staff in data processes.  


Penelope received her bachelor of education degree from Solusi University in Zimbabwe.

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