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Opportunity EduFinance is a 2022 WISE Award Winner

By Opportunity International EduFinance


Qatar Foundation initiative selects 6 pioneering projects advancing education worldwide

Doha, Qatar, September 15th, 2022 – Six pioneering projects addressing global educational challenges have been recognized by WISE, an initiative of Qatar Foundation, for their  positive contribution to education and society. 

The WISE Awards aim to highlight projects that have demonstrated impact in their communities and have the potential to set international standards and best practices worldwide. Since the creation of the program in 2009, WISE has received over 4,900 applications from more than 150 countries. 

The 2022 WISE Awards winners, hailing from India, Qatar, Mexico, the USA and Kenya, come as models of excellence that serve as an inspiration for innovation and creative action for education. They tackle access to quality education in disadvantaged areas, early childhood development, collaborative learning networks, climate-action youth development, and social-emotional learning and wellbeing at school. 

Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO of WISE commented:

The work celebrated by the WISE Awards is important in spotlighting new possibilities offered by innovation in education, with each of the six 2022 WISE Awards winners demonstrating new and proven solutions to key education challenges within their communities and beyond.

Whether enabling access to quality early childhood education, empowering youth through climate action, instilling wellbeing practices across schools, and more, these winning projects are actively transforming young lives and empowering communities to take action in the face of today's most heightened challenges". 

The winners of the WISE Awards will be celebrated in Doha in an exclusive ceremony held during the upcoming Doha Learning Days (DLD) festival in 2023. In addition to visibility and networking opportunities as part of the WISE Community, each winner will receive $20,000 (US).

In response to the notification that Opportunity EduFinance was selected as one of the 2022 WISE Award winners, Andrew McCusker, Head of EduFinance said:

While it is a great honor for Opportunity EduFinance to be recognized in this way, I am most grateful for the improvement in learning attainment that we will see as a result of more widespread understanding of the role that local school owners play in educating low-income communities around the world.” 

About the WISE Awards:

Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges. Since 2009, WISE has received more than 4,900 applications from over 150 countries. Up until now, 78 projects have won the WISE Awards, from a wide variety of sectors and locations for their innovative character, their positive contribution and their potential for scalability and adaptability. These projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound educational practice. Year by year, WISE is building a community of educational innovators which offers a fertile environment for ground- breaking collaborations. Today the WISE Awards network comprises pioneering projects that are helping bring real change to societies and communities. 

Read more about Opportunity EduFinance's Award and the other award winners here.


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