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Latest Blog

More EduQuality partner schools are demonstrating an increase in effective school management practices

by Karri DeSelm and Catherine O’Shea

Opportunity EduFinance’s mission is to get more children into better schools. While school quality may often be only viewed through the narrow lens of what happens directly in the classroom, there is a wide range of areas to consider around education quality. For affordable non-state schools across low- and middle-income countries, one key area of quality is school management practices. Many affordable school owners have training and experience in education, which leads them to see an opportunity…

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5 RULES OF THE ROAD(SHOW): Learnings from our EduFinance Experts

by Catherine O’Shea

Opportunity EduFinance’s first ‘stop’ on our mission to improving children’s access to quality education is through a ‘roadshow.’ This is the first step in financial institution partner engagement, when EduFinance offers technical assistance services to help the institution launch and grow a quality EduFinance portfolio invested in the local education sector. First, when launching in a new country, our EduFinance Technical Assistance team conducts desktop research on the financial institutions…

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What are the opportunities & barriers for education service providers given the changing ecosystem of education in India?

by Hadiqua Lateefi and Catherine O’Shea

India has the largest number of Low-Cost Private Schools (LCPS) in the world. Today, these LCPS are accessing multiple solutions in the market to improve learner outcomes and quality of teaching in their schools. On October 12, we brought together four panelists to discuss professional development needs of LCPS in India, what makes professional development programmes impactful, and how we can overcome gaps caused by the changing education eco-system to help schools increase school quality. …

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Educating Educators: An interview with our EduQuality Program Leaders

by Catherine O'Shea

  As our EduQuality program continues to grow, we wanted to hear from our leaders about their own backgrounds and perspectives on education, as well as where they see the current challenges and opportunities. We spoke to Innocent, Violet, Samuel and Renée for their reflections on education. Why did you want to work in education? And why did you then want to work educating other educators?  VIOLET: I was a teacher in a classroom. Most of the children that used to come could not read. We were working…

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Looking back to Move Forward: Reflecting on our Global Education Summit Side Event

by Catherine O'Shea

EDUFINANCE SIDE EVENT: Exploring alternative sources of finance to fund the global education deficit   In July 2021, Opportunity EduFinance hosted a side event to the GPE Global Education Summit. An expert panel discussed a range of options for alternative sources of finance to fund education in low- and middle-income countries. The event was a call to action for collaboration and experimentation to solve the global education deficit. Nearly a month and a half after the event, we wanted to reflect…

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"We have only scratched the surface of potential" - Letshego Ghana & EduFinance

by Catherine O'Shea

Arnold Parker has been CEO of Letshego Bank in Ghana for the past seven years. We spoke to him about his experiences with education finance, what he hopes for children in Ghana, and why Letshego is focused on investing in education. What is different about Letshego from the other places you’ve worked? Now that I am the CEO, I get to make big decisions. The major difference has been working in an environment that allows me to innovate and make decisions that actually have an impact on the lives…

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Can Refugee Communities benefit from Education Financing?

by Catherine O'Shea

    Uganda hosts 1.4 million refugees, which is one of the largest refugee populations in the world. While there may be cultural differences between refugee communities and the communities that host them, the demand for children and youth to have access to a good education is universal. These massive refugee communities present an opportunity to offer financial services – including education financing - to refugee households. And yet, according to a survey undertaken in Bidi Bidi settlement of…

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What’s next for low-cost private schools in India?

by Surabhi Vaidya & Hannah Hilali

    Here’s what we know… Low-cost private schools in India need more access to capital to invest in their schools, and professional development training to continue improving quality of education being delivered. Why low-cost private schools in India? 92 million children. That’s how many children are being educated in these schools today. By 2031, an estimated 162 million children will attend low-cost private schools in India.[1] The National Independent School Alliance (NISA) estimates…

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New EduQuality Blended Learning Model Launch

by Catherine O'Shea

After many hours of thorough consultation, development and planning, the EduQuality program of Opportunity EduFinance has successfully launched a new blended learning model providing professional development for school leaders and teachers. This exciting initiative builds on the foundation of our Education Quality program, combining digital resources with in-person training for over 1,500 affordable non-state schools across seven countries in Africa1 and Latin America2. Participating school leaders…

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Learning from Shared Experience - EduFinance Virtual Workshop

by Hannah Hilali

Before the pandemic began, the education sector in low- and middle-income countries was perceived as a rewarding market by many local financial institutions, a factor that helped Opportunity EduFinance grow its financial institution partners from 11 to 71 in under 5 years. However, the pandemic has adversely impacted the sector with school closures, lockdowns, and reductions in household income, affecting some schools’ ability to maintain a sustainable business. Nevertheless, despite the challenges…

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