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Big data means investors should look again at African…

by Nathan Byrd, Head of Opportunity EduFinance

As delegates gather in Kigali for the World Economic Forum on Africa this week, they may be encouraged to hear how the digital revolution can help transform Africa’s education systems. It cannot happen…

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Microfinance helps build a school, create jobs in coastal…

by Opportunity International

The latest figures from UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report remind us how donor aid can be so capricious, even for something as critically important as education. Released on Monday, April 25th,…

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Aid drops for education, shows microfinance is needed

by Opportunity International

Comfort grew up in a fishing community on Ghana’s sunny Atlantic Ocean coast. Most people worked with fisheries, but Comfort wanted to teach. She began by teaching three children on her front porch.…

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How microfinancing has changed African communities…

CITY AM - Education is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty but, globally, over 57m children do not attend primary school and the majority of that number live in Africa.

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Giving women control over their finances

THE GUARDIAN - Including more women from the developing world in the global economy can help them and their communities escape poverty – so what role should the private sector and civil society play?

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Reimagining Scholarships: can big data reduce child…

THE GUARDIAN - Spotting which parents have a history of missing school fees payments could help identify the students most in need of a scholarship or education loan.

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Sustainable Scholarship Brings Opportunity to Children…

STUDY INTERNATIONAL - Nathan Byrd, Head of Education and Finance at Opportunity International, provides strategic direction and leadership for Opportunity International’s education finance programme.

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2024 Global Education Finance Conference

Conference Agenda Overview Join us over three days as we convene with colleagues from around the globe to delve into this year’s theme, “The Future of EduFinance: Trends, Innovations, and Opportunities.”…

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