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Impact Story: Hopeful Gift School*, Kenya

In 2012, Mr. and Mrs. Masiga established the Hopeful Gift School* in Kayole Soweto, Kenya, named after their children, Gift and Hope. The school currently educates 250 learners and employs 15 teaching staff.

Initially, it started as a tuition center to assist children unable to attend school due to financial constraints and crowded public schools. The region faces challenges like single-parent households, high unemployment, and poverty.

The school's inception was funded by the Masigas' personal savings of KES 10,000 (USD 70) for rent and basic furniture. Loans from Letshego, Equity Bank, and Family Bank, totaling KES 5 million (USD 35000), improved infrastructure, training, and resources. Notable improvements include the acquisition of water tanks and the installation of solar energy panels. Additionally, the funds have been allocated to staff training related to the new curriculum, and advancements in teaching materials, learning resources, and student evaluation methods. Mr. and Mrs. Masiga have also procured property with the intention of constructing a junior secondary school to accommodate a larger number of students in the forthcoming years.

Mrs. Fridah Masiga was introduced to the three-year EduQuality program, a part of Opportunity EduFinance efforts, by Letshego Bank and was urged to join the Conquerors Cluster. Cluster meetings involve school leaders from neighboring areas coming together for regular interaction, fostering teamwork, support, and leadership growth. Ms. Masiga credits cluster meetings for improving her skills in management, staff retention, and learner engagement.

“Through the cluster, we have learnt the different types of leadership amongst ourselves and even role play. This has been a great plus to us as cluster members.” - Mrs. Fridah Masiga

Through the EduQuality program, School Leader Professional Development (SLPD) training is provided to enhance instructional leadership and management practices. Mrs. Masiga highlighted her focus areas for improvement, which encompassed enhancing parent and community engagement, ensuring a clean and safe learning environment, and refining financial management. As a result, the school now maintains accurate financial records and follows a well-defined yearly budget.

The EduQuality program also provides Teacher Mentor Professional Development (TMPD) training. This training-of-trainers model helps teachers meet recognized professional standards, boosts their confidence, and supports their career growth. The teacher-mentors at Hopeful Gift School* have improved their teaching methodologies and have successfully delivered training to teachers at other schools too. Mrs. Masiga notes, 

“Before training my teachers were struggling with lesson plan and lesson delivery. Currently, I’m so happy to see effective lesson delivery and lesson development that have greatly improved teaching and learning in my school.” - Mrs. Fridah Masiga

With the proprietors' dedication and the EduQuality program's guidance, Hopeful Gift School* has made significant progress. A clean, safe learning environment led to the school’s registration from the Ministry of Education. Clear financial records boosted financial partners' trust, helping the school secure more loans for development. Parental engagement improved, increasing event attendance and regular fee payments. The school also supports girls' education through sanitary supplies and tuition aid.

*Disclaimer: This school's name has been changed in line with Opportunity International's Child Protection Policy. 

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