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Impact Story: AG Educational Complex, Ghana

In 2014, AG Educational Complex was founded in Konogo, Ghana, under the sponsorship of the Assemblies of God Church. The primary motivations behind establishing this educational institution were twofold: firstly, to provide quality education to both the church's members and the children residing in the local community; secondly, to create future employment prospects for the youth within the church.

At its inception, the school boasted a modest staff of three teachers and taught four children. Since then, AG Educational Complex has experienced remarkable growth and development. Today, it proudly employs a dedicated team of ten teachers and boasts an impressive enrollment of 120 eager learners. 

AG Educational Complex joined the EduQuality program, a part of Opportunity International’s efforts to increase access to quality education through a three-year, holistic program. EduQuality addresses the challenges faced by affordable non-state schools by employing School Leadership Professional Development (SLPD) training, which offers ongoing professional development through workshops on instructional leadership, school management, and other relevant topics. The program also utilizes a training-of-trainers model, called the Teacher Mentor Professional Development training (TMPD) to equip teacher mentors, who with support from their school leaders, attend training and subsequently provide professional development to their fellow teachers. The EduQuality program also encourages schools to join ‘clusters’, where the cluster model fills the gap of a 'school system' for these schools. This approach promotes a sense of community, trust, and continuous improvement within the network of schools, ensuring long-term benefits beyond the EduQuality program.

Mr. Emmanuel Yeboah, who serves as the headteacher at AG Educational Complex, initially joined the EduQuality program at the recommendation of the school's proprietor. He began as a teacher-mentor, collaborating with educators from another school, and honed his skills through the program's techniques. As he ascended to the position of headteacher, he seized the opportunity to engage with fellow school leaders, sharing insights on effective school management through cluster meetings and SLPD sessions.

The SLPD training underscored the importance of a school leader's familiarity with teaching and learning methodologies, equipping him to better support his teaching staff. Moreover, the child protection module emphasized the need to keenly observe student behavior to identify signs of potential abuse, empowering him to take appropriate action and report issues when necessary.

Under the guidance of Education Specialists, Mr. Yeboah crafted a school development plan with a strong focus on infrastructural improvement over time. With a commitment to continuous improvement and community development, AG Educational Complex and schools like it pave the way for a brighter educational future.


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