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Impact Story: Rol International School, Tanzania

When Ms. Levina Robert and her husband started Rol International School in Tanzania in 2014, the only learners were two twin brothers. Over the next three years the school grew exponentially, and now boasts two campuses in Mbweni and Mbezi, with over a hundred enrolled students.

A lack of financial resources made it difficult to keep up with necessary improvements to the school's infrastructure and equipment. After taking out a loan from CRDB bank, Ms. Robert has been able to invest in upgrading the indoor and outdoor infrastructure and obtaining more basic classroom equipment. 

Ms. Robert and her husband were eager to attend the EduQuality programme offered by Opportunity EduFinance. Through the School Leadership Professional Development (SLPD) training, Ms. Robert has improved her strategic planning skills and has been able to apply the Pathways to Excellence (P2E) domains to their school, benefitting their strategic planning skills for school improvement. As a result, this will aid the progressive growth of the school. 

Ms. Robert says that there is a lack of good schools in her area and that many parents cannot afford to pay for quality education for their children. In her school, she focuses on adopting teaching strategies and models that are effective in improving students’ learning. Keen on making it easier for parents to educate their children, she allows them to pay the school fees in instalments. 

Appreciating the impact of EduQuality and how it could help other school leaders, they would like the program to be extended to a wider range of schools across the country. 


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