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Impact Story: Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School*, Tanzania

Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School was established as a pre-primary school in 2007 in Kinondoni, Tanzania, using the school proprietor’s personal savings. The school began with just 2 staff members and 14 pupils but has since grown significantly to include 8 teachers and 184 pupils. This remarkable growth was possible through maintaining strong communication and fostering excellent relations with parents in the community.

To support the school's expansion, the school proprietor, Mr. Zacharia Kisanga, used his personal savings to purchase furniture and pay salaries. Additionally, he secured a loan of 5 million TSh (equivalent to 1993.50 USD) from NMB Bank, to acquire classroom furniture, kitchen facilities, and computers.

NMB Bank referred Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School to EduQuality, a program by Opportunity International, and the school was encouraged to join the KMB cluster. Cluster meetings provided a valuable platform for school leaders in the community to exchange knowledge. Mr. Kisanga found these meetings immensely beneficial, as Education Specialists covered a wide range of topics, from financial management to staff supervision.

 "I have gained a network of like-minded school leaders and we have together helped each other to grow and support each other” - Mr. Zacharia Kisanga


Recognizing that many school owners of affordable non-state schools lack essential management skills, EduQuality offers School Leadership Professional Development (SLPD) training, focusing on instructional leadership and school management. These workshops encompass areas such as finance, marketing, teacher retention, and child protection. Mr. Kisanga attested to the invaluable skills imparted by the SLPD training, particularly the parent and community engagement module, which strengthened the school's relationship with parents and improved learner enrolment, retention, and participation.

“Through this training, I learned about the importance of nurturing them from early childhood and addressing gender bias in career aspirations for young children. This is something we have keenly worked on at Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School*.” - Mr. Zacharia Kisanga

The Teacher Mentor Professional Development (TMPD) program within EduQuality aids teachers in affordable non-state schools in enhancing their teaching abilities and advancing their careers. Teacher-mentors are appointed to transfer their knowledge to their colleagues, leading to increased teacher confidence and innovation. This, in turn, has led to greater learner engagement and improved exam results at Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School.

Through guidance from the EduQuality program, Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School successfully implemented a three-tiered school development plan, prioritizing child protection, parent and community engagement, and learner-centered teaching improvement. Consequently, school enrolment and learner engagement have flourished, and students have gained greater confidence in determining their career aspirations.

Magomeni-Mikumi Pre-Primary School is committed to ensuring the safety of its learners and has actively worked to eliminate gender biases in career aspirations, especially among female students. Mr. Kisanga emphasized the school's dedication to nurturing the holistic development of its learners, encompassing intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.

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