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Impact Story: Luz del Porvenir School, Dominican Republic

Luz del Porvenir School, located in the Villa Hermosa sector of La Romana, Dominican Republic, is a beacon of hope and opportunity for the community. Founded by Aleyda Torres, the school's journey began in 1995 in response to the pressing need for accessible education in the area. Starting with just 20 students in a modest setting, Luz del Porvenir has grown into a robust educational institution offering preschool, primary, and secondary education.

From its humble beginnings in Ms. Aleyda's living room, Luz del Porvenir has continuously evolved to meet the needs of its students and community. Over the years, the school has expanded its facilities, moving from a rented garage to its own premises with 8 classrooms, accommodating up to 350 students. Through strategic marketing efforts and innovative ideas, Luz del Porvenir has witnessed significant growth, now boasting an enrollment of 580 students.

Ms. Aleyda’s determination to provide quality education has been supported by various means, including an initial loan from her mother to build a roof for Luz del Porvenir. Additionally, organizations like Edify have provided financial assistance for educational improvements, further enhancing the school's infrastructure and resources.

The school was introduced to EduQuality, a program offered by Opportunity EduFinance. Ms. Aleyda was able to gain valuable knowledge and support for enhancing the school's teaching and learning environment. 

Under the EduQuality program, senior school leaders are offered School Leader Professional Development (SLPD) training with a focus on instructional leadership and school management best practices. As an active participant in SLPD training, the school owner, Ms. Aleyda Torres, has implemented effective strategies for leadership, marketing, and professional development, contributing to the school's overall success. 

We feel motivated by the results obtained and eager to continue building an educational environment that promotes academic excellence and the values of environmental responsibility and collaborative work.”- Ms. Aleyda Torres

As part of EduQuality, the school also developed a School Development Plan. Recognizing the importance of a clean and safe learning environment, Luz del Porvenir prioritizes initiatives such as well-ventilated classrooms, waste management systems, and safety protocols. Additionally, marketing and brand development efforts have resulted in increased enrollment and community engagement.

Teachers in affordable non-state schools often have a wide range of educational backgrounds, and many have had limited access to professional teacher training or ongoing professional development. Teacher Mentor Professional Development (TMPD) training allows teachers to improve their skills and engage in feedback and collaboration with their peers. Teachers at Luz del Porvenir have enhanced their teaching methodologies, leading to increased student participation and engagement in the classroom.

Luz del Porvenir actively promotes girls' learning through initiatives like the "Girls Club - Let Me Be a Girl." This club provides a supportive space for young girls to pursue their dreams and goals while fostering solidarity and empathy within the community. Through annual campaigns and outreach programs, the school empowers girls to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.


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