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Impact Story: Little Stars Primary School, Rwanda*

Little Stars Primary School* was established in 2012 by Muhire Modeste, the school proprietor. The school made tremendous efforts in increasing enrolment through different tactics; door-to-door marketing, encouraging parent engagement and lending financial support through school-fee structures to parents. The comparison between initial enrolment rates, versus the current total, is an example of Mr. Muhire’s leadership and determination – the school started with 3 teachers and 48 learners. Presently, the count stands at 20 teachers and 560 learners!

With a firm goal in mind, Mr. Muhire sold his land to purchase the school property he was renting. Consequently, he was able to secure a loan from Urwego Bank, totaling RWF 9 million. The funds were used to establish the school’s infrastructure, as well as to expand the compound.

After joining Opportunity EduFinance’s EduQuality program, the Little Stars Primary School* joined the Source of Knowledge cluster, where clusters represent groups of school leaders within a particular region. Guided by the program, school leaders choose to join nearby clusters, encouraging regular interaction for collaborative communities, assistance, and growth, embodying the concept of a 'self-improving school system.' Local Education Specialists offer backing, resources, and assistance to each cluster. 

The teacher-mentors at Little Stars Primary School also convene for routine professional development sessions within these clusters. The Teacher Mentor Professional Development (TMPD) program aims to nurture teachers’ growth by offering teacher training, as many teachers have had limited access to professional teacher training or ongoing professional development. All TMPD sessions were attended by Little Stars Primary School* educators, resulting in enhanced teaching methods. The school noted improved teacher collaboration, increased student engagement, and more effective learner behavior management, ultimately boosting educational quality and student performance.

Mr. Muhire, the school leader, was encouraged to create a school development plan and highlight three top priorities: expanding and enhancing the campus, refining marketing strategies, and developing more effective teaching and learning approaches. Through the combined efforts of the school owner and the assistance provided by the EduFinance initiative, student enrollment surged from 350 to 560, and school performance rates increased to 100%. 


*Disclaimer: This school's name has been changed in line with Opportunity International's Child Protection Policy. 

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