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Impact Story: Calvary Primary School, Uganda

Calvary Primary School, situated in Mbarara, Uganda, provides both pre-primary and primary education to local children. Founded in 1996 by Mr. Baguma Gilbert, the school has undergone significant development and growth under his dedicated leadership.

The school commenced its journey with four teachers and 26 students, but it has since evolved into a thriving institution. Currently, it boasts a staff of 29 teachers and serves an impressive 840 learners. This substantial expansion can be attributed to school improvement loans and effective marketing strategies directed at parents.

To facilitate this growth, Calvary Primary School sought financial support through bank loans, primarily invested in infrastructure enhancements. Notably, the school secured loans from Opportunity Bank and Bank of Africa, amounting to 50 million UGX (equivalent to 13,300 USD). These funds were allocated for classroom construction and staff salary disbursements.

Calvary Primary School became acquainted with the EduQuality program, a three-year holistic initiative offered by Opportunity International EduFinance. The school's introduction to EduQuality was facilitated through Opportunity Bank. Participation in this program has yielded notable benefits, particularly through engagement with cluster members. These sessions offer school leaders within the community an opportunity to exchange knowledge and enhance their collective expertise. Cluster collaboration has been instrumental in improving the school, with a particular focus on creating a clean and safe learning environment.

The School Leadership Professional Development (SLPD) workshops, provided by EduQuality, have played a pivotal role in shaping Mr. Baguma Gilbert’s school management style. Topics such as 'Financial Management for Affordable Private Schools' and 'Staff Engagement and Retention' have proven especially valuable. These workshops have addressed the issue of high teacher attrition, and active measures are now in place to enhance teacher retention.

Calvary Primary School has witnessed positive changes through its participation in the Teacher Mentor Professional Development (TMPD) program, which focuses on enhancing teaching techniques and overall educational quality. Teacher-mentors, drawn from the school's staff, provide valuable feedback and observations to their colleagues. The mentors at Calvary Primary School have effectively delivered training to fellow staff members, and the resulting strategies have been shared across the staff, leading to ongoing improvements in classroom instruction. The adoption of learner-centered teaching methods has significantly enhanced student engagement and academic progress.

Calvary Primary School actively promotes girls' education, emphasizing its importance. The school's commitment is evident in the significant representation of girls in leadership roles, fostering an environment where girls can flourish in their academic pursuits.

The remarkable growth and dedication to quality education at Calvary Primary School underscore the positive impact of its collaboration with the EduQuality program, highlighting a steadfast commitment to excellence and inclusive learning for all students.

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