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Impact Story: Aysha Nursery and Primary School, India

Aysha Nursery and Primary School, nestled in the vibrant town of Vaniyambadi, India, is a nurturing ground for future innovators. With a firm belief that fostering creativity is fundamental, the school aims to equip its students with the skillset to envision innovative solutions. The school is part of EduQuality, a program of Opportunity EduFinance. The EduQuality program provides a comprehensive three-year school improvement program to local affordable non-state schools. This program aims to enhance the quality of education children receive and create a supportive learning environment.

Among these aspiring minds is Yumna, a shining example in Grade 4 at Aysha Nursery and Primary School. Yumna is an enthusiastic and inquisitive learner, driven by a curiosity about the world. Science captivates her interest the most, especially as Yumna is eager to learn more about the universe. Her teacher, acknowledging her talents, remarked,

She is so talented and creative minded. She always gives an excellent performance in all subjects – particularly in science because it is her favourite subject."

Yumna's love for science sparked her dream of becoming a doctor to help those in need. But before diving into medicine, Yumna is excited about attending university to study computer science! Reflecting on her school experience, Yumna fondly expressed,

"My school is special because of caring teachers, fun activities, great friends, and a positive learning environment that makes me happy always.”

At Aysha Nursery and Primary School, Yumna's journey shows how the school encourages curiosity, creativity, and big dreams, shaping both minds and future goals.




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