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EduFinance Financial Inclusion Week 2019 Webinar (Past Event)

By Opportunity International

Financial Inclusion for School Leaders: The potential of a $24Bn market to accelerate Sustainable Community Development

School entrepreneurs, as independent business owners, play a vital role in community development. By operating a local school, they can make investments that not only grow their school and create an enabling learning environment, but benefit their entire community – from creating jobs and generating demand for local businesses, to providing a space for networking opportunities and stronger community cohesion.

However, school entrepreneurs often need access to loans tailored around their school’s termly operating model. Globally, the demand for finance from affordable private school entrepreneurs and parents is estimated to be at least $24 billion.

Opportunity EduFinance and representatives from three of our partner financial institutions in Nigeria, Pakistan and Uganda discuss the links between financing the affordable private school sector and sustainable community development and Sustainable Development Goal #4'To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all'.

Webinar Speakers:

Scott Sheridan, Director of Operations, Opportunity EduFinance

Rogers Nwoke, Managing Director/CEO, Hasal Microfinance Bank Limited, Nigeria, and President, National Association of Microfinance Banks

Kamran Azim, Chief Executive Officer, Taleem Finance Company Ltd and former Chief Operating Officer at Kashf Foundation, Pakistan

Alex Ahabwe, Education Finance Manager, Opportunity Bank Uganda Ltd

For those who missed it or want to watch it again...


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