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COVID-19 Response Toolkit

Opportunity EduFinance is a member of the COVID-19 Global Education Coalition launched by UNESCO.

This Crisis Response Toolkit was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help schools and financial institutions lending deal with the current crisis and school closures. The content and approach draws on lessons from past crises, including the Ebola crisis in West Africa, as we work to build resilience for both the current and future crises.

Intended as a 'living' toolkit, we will continue to add new content and adapt existing content in the public domain that is most relevant for our school leaders (non-state actors) and financial institutions lending to schools and parents. This is not intended to exist as stand-alone resources, but was only made possible through the foundation of strong relationships developed with our financial institution partners and within our EduQuality school cluster model.

Our tireless team of local Education Specialists are using these resources to drive discussions and collaboration on our platforms, and cascade information through WhatsApp, SMS and one-on-one phone calls to engage as many school leaders as possible. Our team of global EduFinance Technical Advisors are holding consultation calls with financial institution partners to better understand their current risk mitigation plans, and offer any support needed.

If you would like further technical guidance on recommendations to operationalize and cascade this information to other non-state actors and networks, please contact us at